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Camstudio is simple yet straight forward app that records your PC activity in either an AVI format or an SWF format. This app is worth downloading mainly because of its useful features that is a great help in delivering illustrations and show end users what you want to show and get the message across exactly as it is. So here are some of the reasons why you need to download this app.

Lossless Codec – Camstudio features the use of its own lossless codec which is responsible in enhancing the quality of your video. It makes your video looks clearer than ever and it’s all because it compresses the video file size into a smaller one.

Total Output Control – With the use of Camstudio, users have the freedom to control or manipulate the outcome of their videos/shots. One can choose to have a whole screen video record or even just a portion of the screen.

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Built-in Help File – This app comes with a helpfile to make it more user friendly and easy to operate. Learning how to use this app will only take minutes. In case you are seemed to be lost, then simply use the helpfile to get you moving on.

Free of Charge – This app can be downloaded without any payment. In other words, this is for free and 100% usable either for personal or commercial use.

Windows Platform – This app is compatible and available for use in different Windows platform specifically Windows 95, Windows 98 and 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP.

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Get your CamStudio software here. This site allows you to download CamStudio full version for free. Download now and enjoy all its features. There are no fees associated with the download process, and you can enjoy all of its features after a quick installation. This app is ideal for all your personal and commercial video projects, such as tutorials and screen captions.

CamStudio is a secure software you can easily download for free on this website. The source code is available to users so you can study the app after download and installation.

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